The 2010 Survey is Open to Affiliates!


The 2009 AffiliateBenchmarks study has been the most comprehensive affiliate survey in industry history... until now! We are excited to announce the launch of the 2010 AffiliateBenchmarks Study, which promises to be even more insightful with your help.

Last year a total of 3,500 respondents participated in the study, helping us to understand the trends of the affiliate marketing space. This year we are hoping to receive even more opinions - including yours! To thank you for your time, we will send you a FREE AffiliateBenchmarks report (normally $199.00) if you complete the questionnaire before July 16, 2010.

What You Will Gain From The 2010 Study:

  • Which advertiser types produce the greatest revenue.

  • The best of all tried & tested routes to drive traffic to your affiliate page.

  • The benefit of better run campaigns as networks, agencies and advertisers read the findings of the study.

  • The opportunity to have your voice heard and contribute to a greater understanding of affiliate marketing.

  • A multidimensional look at the relationship between affiliate marketing and other online marketing channels.

We've Made Improvements From The 2009 Study:

  • Our study is now simpler. We removed some complicated questions and streamlined others to ease the burden on busy affiliates.

  • We've added a short survey for advertisers/merchants to collect some information on their challenges and views of affiliate marketing.

  • We added a short survey for agencies/OPMs/consultants to collect some information on their view of the industry.

  • We have even more partners who have agreed to distribute the survey and ensure that 2010 will be the largest affiliate research study ever produced (a title currently held by our 2009 report).

  • The 2010 report will feature a more in depth analysis than ever before.

You Get Back What You Put In:

As in previous studies, any participant who answers every question (not just the 'required' fields) will receive the full survey results. Participants who only answer the required questions will receive a copy of the executive summary. We hope that you can help us meet our goal of illuminating the affiliate marketing industry.

Again, as a reminder, the questionnaire will close July 16th at 5pm EST.

We hope you'll participate in this unique opportunity and thank you for your valuable time.

Kind Regards,

Peter Figueredo
CEO and Co-Founder

115 West 30th Street, Suite 900
New York, NY 10001